Updates coming soon

Unfortunately, too busy to update for the moment, but this will hopefully change soon. Off to Mt Feathertop this Easter, this will be my “20th anniversary” climb of this peak – my first ascent was with the scouts (venturers) in Easter 1988. The route we followed then started at Pretty Valley Storage on the Bogong High Plains, walking down to Blairs Hut for the first night. The second day was Blair Hut/ Diamantina Spur/ Feathertop/ Razorback/ Swindlers Spur/ Dibbins Hut – anyone who knows this area will realise that second day was crazy, and certainly isn’t recommended! Last day was back to Pretty Valley. This time I’m going to follow the traditional route up Bungalow Spur.   

Photos from Easter 1988: Left – Blairs Hut (note – you can no longer drive all the way to Blairs hut – the road stops about a kilometre beforehand). Right -Dibbins Hut

Blairs Hut campground (Easter 1988) Dibbins Hut (Easter 1988)   

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