Walks in Melbourne – Petty’s Orchard

This walk, which also makes a good run, starts at Westerfolds Park in the northern suburbs. Westerfolds is part of an impressive series of urban parks all based around the Yarra River. The walk takes in part of the “Main Yarra Trail” a bike riding/walking track that travels about 35km from Eltham to the City centre, all off-road.

Start at the parking area next to the main road bridge over the Yarra. If approaching from the south, the turn-off is just before the bridge (the side road curves underneath the bridge to the parking area on the other side – google maps doesn’t show this turn-off but it is there), from the north it is immediately after crossing the bridge. The walk commences east uphill to Candlebark park, continues to Petty’s Orchard, an ‘antique’ apple orchard (i.e. growing varieties that are no longer produced commercially), before turning back at Tikalara park.

The track is very easy to follow and total distance is about 6.3km. The route could be extended by continuing on at Tikalara park, or taking the bridge over the Yarra and then doing a circuit of Eltham Lower park, or perhaps a ride on the miniature railway there.

View map (in Google Maps)

Click here for a kmz file for use in Google Earth.

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