Walk of the Month: Mt Cobbler, Alpine National Park

Summit of Mt Cobbler

An excellent and not particularly difficult walk to the summit of Mt Cobbler starting at the attractive Lake Cobbler.

From Lake Cobbler follow the sign-posted track to Mt Cobbler as it follows an old vehicular track initially, before leaving to drop down and cross a small creek. Some of the track markers in this area have been burned, so are hard to see.

From the other side of the creek the path climbs steadily through forest until it reaches a track junction. From here turn right (north) and follow the path as it breaks through the treeline onto the Cobbler Plateau. Walk up the rock slabs (a path is marked by occasional cairns but in good weather you won’t need them) as you walk up this section you’ll probably wonder how the summit will be reached as it is cut off from the main ridge. Fortunately there is a small land bridge that connects the two; some simple scrambling is required, although it’s steep on all sides so a head for heights would be useful.

After exploring the summit area and taking in the superb views, return to Lake Cobbler via the same path.

Walk date: Jan 3, 2009
Distance/time: Around 8kms, 1 day easy (3 hours or so)
Map: Vicmap Howitt-Selwyn (1:50,000)
My rating: A+

Access: Lake Cobbler is about 50km south of Whitfield, along a forestry road that is unsealed for the most part. My car is an all-wheel drive Subaru Forester which had no problems negotiating the track, access by 2WD should be possible with care in dry weather – note that there is a steep climb up from the upper Dangdongadale River valley and a short ford just before Lake Cobbler is reached.

Update: See comments for an update on current conditions (Mar 2011)

4 thoughts on “Walk of the Month: Mt Cobbler, Alpine National Park”

  1. Last time I was up there (before fires) the trickiest part driving up was the road just before the camping area where the creek run across the road. Was not a problem then in the car I had but only have new 2wd sedan now, that section of track OK do you think.


  2. Shane
    The tricky part was still there when we went last year, hard for me to say whether its OK. I guess it depends on the car, I suspect my old Ford Fairmont would have coped as that had a reasonable amount of ground clearance.

    Cheers, JP


  3. Have just completed the Mt Cobbler walk – March 2011 – the track is now well and truly covered in post-fire vegetation regrowth following the wetter weather of past months. Spoke to the Ranger pre-walk, ,who warned us about this – but it did make the going a little slower. Still worth the effort tho ~

    We travelled the Rose River Road route – 4wd – good travel for 2wd as well. However, lots of road closures to all traffic due to recent flood damage and washaways ~


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