More walks in Switzerland: Pfingstegg to Berghaus Baregg and then Hotel Wetterhorn

Pfinstegg to Hotel Wetterhorn

Walk notes by DWP

The start of this suggested walk is Pfingstegg. Take the cable car from the lower cable car station (Pfingsteggbahn) which is situated about a kilometre from the main train and post bus stations in Grindelwald at the east end of town.

Alight from the top station of the Pfingstegg cable car, turn right and take the signed path to Stieregg. Follow the path to a gate and pass through it to the adjacent meadow, hoping that the rather large resident pig has not decided to fall asleep across the gate blocking your way as it did for me on my return! For the first few hundred metres the path meanders through an attractive grassy area but then becomes more dramatic as it approaches and follows the cliff edge above the Lower Grindelwald glacier gorge with spectacular views down to the river far below. A protective fence alongside the path in the most exposed areas does offer some comfort to those who dislike heights however it would be sensible to take extra care in parts where the fence line finishes.

I was fortunate in having another fine and sunny September day for my walk sharing the path with only a handful of walkers. Other than the exposed sections already mentioned the path is straightforward and after a steady climb the Berghaus Bäregg finally comes into view. Along this section of the path the distinctive rumble of minor ice and snow avalanches that tumble down into the gorge can often be heard well before they are observed.

The Berghaus Bäregg is situated in a near perfect location with a balcony that overlooks the Lower Grindelwald glacier and has an incomparable vista of surrounding peaks. Sitting there in the midday sunshine and having a very enjoyable lunch with a glass of beer and wine enjoying the peaceful surroundings reminded me once again of the intense and lasting pleasure that venturing into the mountains provides.

As more walkers started to arrive and my reverie broken, I reluctantly left and made my way back along the path to Pfingstegg encountering numerous walkers making their way up to the Berghaus and congratulating myself on deciding to have an early start. On reaching the Pfingstegg cable car station I decided that as it was still early afternoon, rather than catch the cable car back to Grindelwald, I would walk down. I therefore followed the well signposted path down to the Hotel Wetterhorn and then caught the, rather busy, local post bus back to Grindelwald.

This walk, although short, is highly recommended as an opportunity to experience the ambiance of the higher mountains particularly for those who have not ventured above the snow line. I consider that Berghaus Bäregg would be an ideal place to stay overnight to reinforce such an experience.

Start: Pfingstegg
Finish: Hotel Wetterhorn
Duration: Pfingstegg – Berghaus Bäregg 1775 m. Approximately 2 – 3hrs return (Route 24 on Jungfraubahnen Hiking Map) & Pfingstegg – Halsegg – Hotel Wetterhorn 1hr (Route 23 on Jungfraubahnen Hiking Map) not including breaks.

7 thoughts on “More walks in Switzerland: Pfingstegg to Berghaus Baregg and then Hotel Wetterhorn”

  1. I would love to do this hike but i do have trouble with heights. are the exposed sections very long? Is it worth it to stay in the hut Berghous Baregg? I love to hike but I need to know what to expect. Thanks


  2. DWP response: There is always a danger of making a subjective judgement regarding the tolerance to exposure of someone you do not know particularly when it is not a problem for the person giving the advice!
    That said I wouldn’t think the walk would present too much difficulty to most people taking reasonable care. The path is well worn and not difficult to follow. The unguarded sections are mostly well away from the cliff edge. To minimize any risk I would suggest you tackle it only in dry conditions and wearing proper footwear. Should there be a problem you can quite easily turn back. As I indicated in my notes it is an easily accessible walk and there was a lot of pedestrian ‘traffic’ of varying ages and abilities coming up the path around lunchtime none of whom appeared to be overly worried by the terrain.

    I cannot comment further on staying at Berghaus Baregg as I have no personal knowledge of the place other my brief visit. I certainly enjoyed my lunch, the ambiance and the surroundings on a fine sunny September day were stunning. Having past experience of staying in numerous mountain huts I have to say that the location of the Berghaus is such that it would serve as an ideal introduction to staying up in the mountains without needing the necessary skills or companions for venturing higher above the snow line. I can also say that had I known what it was like beforehand I would have definitely chosen to stay over.


  3. Like you, I also choose to enjoy the outdoors with minimal company around. It is much more peaceful and quiet and calm. I can have quiet time, reminisce far more better. I am not a loner, it’s just that there are times that I want to enjoy my walks and camping alone. Would really be fulfilling to be able to conquer that mountain in your pics.


  4. I enjoyed this hike but as someone reasonably afraid of heights, I definitely found it both physically and mentally challenging. The views are great but I spent most of my time looking at the 12 inches in front of my feet! One only to do on a dry day, in boots with a good grip and with poles (IMHO). But a lovely hut at the top for drinks and food!


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