Devils Marbles, Northern Territory


I’ve been a bit slack updating this blog, but more walks will be added soon.

I recently was able to make a short visit to the Northern Territory; my first visit in 30 years since we lived there in Warrego (45km west of Tennant Creek) for six months back in 1980.

Just off the Stuart Highway about 95km south of Tennant Creek are the ‘Devils Marbles’ (Karlu Karlu in the local aboriginal languages). These are well worth a visit – there is a self guided walk as well as plenty of walking trails allowing you to explore.

More information: National Parks information sheet (pdf)

3 thoughts on “Devils Marbles, Northern Territory”

  1. It is very interesting. Thanks so much for showing this great destination. It sounds like it has it all and can make a great trip. I Can’t wait for a chance to check it out.


  2. The rocks really kinda look like marbles. But I was wondering why are they called Devils Marbles? Well, I have a wild guess. Maybe it’s because these are from volcanic origin and we know that if it’s of volcanic origin then it’s from below the earth. Well, I can be wrong. Anyway, it’s a beautiful place.


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